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com/course/the-gluten-free-sourdough-masterclass/This courses empowers you to:- understand your. Learn how to use the four recipe levers to create the texture of crumb and crust that you desireevery time.
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  • I will be demonstrating how to make it in our next online course with Udemy.
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  • Total Time: 21 hours 25 minutes.
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  • Download The Gluten Free Sourdough Masterclass or any other file from Video Courses category.
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    Cover with a cloth and leave out on the counter.

  • Find the course here:https://www.
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    Learn the fundamentals of fermentation, the four leaven levers and the four pillars of gluten free baking.

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    Day 2: Discard half the starter, and feed the remainder with 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon (128g) cool water and 1 cup (121g) Measure for Measure flour.