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Example: BF 3, BCl 3, AlF 3 etc. g.
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  • The lone pairs help determine the electron pair geometry.
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    Drawing Lewis dot diagrams may be helpful here.

  • Example: CH 4, CCl 4 etc.
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    Use remaining valence electrons to complete all atoms' octets.

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  • CHEM101: General Chemistry I; Sections; Unit 3: Bonding; 3.
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    Regular Geometry: When the central atom of a covalently bonded molecule is surrounded by the bond pairs of similar atoms, the compound is said to have a regular geometry.

  • Model I - Lewis Structures Hrco 3 elecrron domains (3 bonding, 0 nonbonding) 3-D Molecular o Shape I\ "-,d.
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    Thus, one lone pair and two bonding pairs give a trigonal planar electron geometry with bond angles of about 120°.

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