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. UC Davis’ veterinary school was also ranked first in a.
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  • May 16, 2023 · The rankings also reflect UC Santa Cruz’s access and ties to Silicon Valley where Baskin Engineering graduates are in high demand.
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    Soon after graduation, engineering degree recipients generally earn an average of $67,837 at the beginning of their careers.

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    This year’s top 10 finalists will be competing at the semi-final round of UC Grad Slam on April 6.

  • UCLA - 19.
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    ventures; Cristina Davis, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, cedavis@ucdavis.

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    Faculty Commencement Speakers to Encourage Graduating Seniors to Keep Learning.

  • Wanting to get a second chance at a commencement ceremony at UC Davis, I applied to the Master of Science program in mechanical engineering and joined Professor Jonathon Schofield's Bionic Engineering and Assistive Robotics.
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